Eden’s Lisa Fowler wins Chelsea florist of the year 2014 with her floral frock. The brief was to design and make a fantasy floral frock for a crystal ball. The above picture shows the finished design and the fabric and wire framework base design.

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The first stage of the design was to cover the neck and hemline of the bodice with blanket stitched felt backed skeleton leaves. The a layer of angelina fibres , tillandsia moss and skeleton leaves was used to cover the wire mesh frame.

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The bodice was completely based in orchids, santini, succulents, poppy heads, hypericum berries and ceropegia.

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The lower bodice was covered in a fine vine effect of ceropegia, orchids and succulents with extra skeleton leaves. The lighter covering enabled the angelina fabric to show through and add to the shimmer and shine, along with a scattering of crystals.

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 The neckline of the bodice is linked to the collar with a fine tulle mesh that matches the top layer of the skirt. a fine veiling of tillandsia and crystals adds to the ethereal effect of the dress with out over shading the delicate skeleton leaves and blanket stitching.

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 The main feature of the collar is phalaenopsis petals inlaid into jewellery frames along with aluminium wire spirals studded with hypericum berries and phalaenopsis tongues.

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 Underneath the top layer of tulle a veiled design of orchids, senecio vines, brizia grass and blanket stitched eleagnus leaves were used to create depth and interest in the lower half of the dress giving a magical feel to the skirt.

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 The finished design before it’s trip in the car to the chelsea flower show.


 The back detail is shown here (photo courtesy of The Florist) shows the delicate angelina fibre and aluminium wings embellished with skeleton leaves, hypericum berries and miniature phalaenopsis orchids.

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 Lisa’s gold medal card!!! Winning best in show with 91 out of 100.


The above pictures is from The florist, where all the florist of the year photo’s are shown


The above picture is from another fabulous blog showing some fab photographers of all the competitors work at Chelsea 2014 – Flowerona.

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