How To Make A Flowery Cocktail


1 cocktail/wine/tumbler glass

A Handful of water beads/glass pebbles/ crushed coloured glass/berries or similar

A small chunk of oasis similar in size to glass to wedge in

A handful of coloured sisal/few bold leaves/piece of fabric or felt

A couple straws

Wire/cocktail stick for fixing fruit


Fresh Material:

1 bold flower – gerbera/sunflower/rose/carnation or similar

Few small flowers – we have used kalanchloe but any small hardy bloom will do

Few sprigs of small hard leaves and some pretty foliage.

slice or half of citrus fruit or a few berries and cherries.

  1. Fill the bottom of the glass with the water beads to 1/3 – 1/2 way up the vase
  2. Shape oasis to fit, then float in a bowl of water until fully soaked
  3. Spread out the sisal and wrap around the outside of the oasis and squeeze into the top of the glass
  4. place one group of foliage on opposite sides of the glass (north – south) and another in the gaps (east-west) adding the pretty foliage in the centre.
  5. cut the focal flower to a few inches long and insert into the floral foam off to one side.
  6. add a cluster of the small flowers in-front and behind.
  7. insert the straws parallel to each other but at slightly different heights and heads bent at different angles.
  8. slice fruit and insert with ‘hair Pin’wires (see pic) or if using half a fruit or berries/cherries use a cocktail stick.
  9. sit back and admire…preferably whilst enjoying a proper cocktail… happy flower  arranging!