Buttonholes, Corsages and Hair Flowers

Buttonholes and corsages are small in size, but should be given a lot of thought and attention, just like the bridal bouquets they are something that will feature in all of the wedding photographs as well as being in eye-line and therefore very noticed throughout the day.

Buttonholes; –

There are a few details to consider when deciding on the buttonholes, firstly who you are going to provide them to; One tip… don’t go thinking you have to provide them to most or all of your wedding guests… they wont be expecting it and you will end up spending a small fortune!

Provide them for anyone you are hiring/having matching suits for, so Groom, Best man, any Ushers, Dads and if you have anyone else who you really want to match in, maybe they have a special role on the day or are really special to you.

Its always a lovely idea to have a more special version for the Groom, this could be a different colour, the same as the others but maybe with the addition of another smaller flower or just simply a larger version to the others.

The buttonholes should all echo the bouquets and overall feel of the wedding, so if you are having a natural, country look then maybe a cluster style buttonhole with twine binding would suite better than a more formal rose buttonhole.

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Corsages; –

Corsages are those pretty, elegant versions of the buttonholes that the ladies wear either on their dress, hand bag or wrist.

Firstly, the same with the buttonholes, don’t feel like you have to give them to all of the ladies or even all of the partners of the men you are providing buttonholes for.

Corsages are mainly designed for Mums and Grandma’s, Normally I would recommend opting for either very neutral ivory colours so that they don’t clash with the wedding colours and will still co-ordinate with any outfit colour chosen. alternatively go with the wedding colours… a really contrasting colour combination can be very effective! Once the ladies have chosen their outfits we can advise you on the best colours to choose.

We normally offer you a couple of price options for corsages, this allows you to choose how large you want the corsages to be, speak to the ladies wearing them and see how confident they are to have a larger size design. This will also depend on what they are wearing.

Corsages are normally attached using a magnet to avoid pins causing any damage to the outfit. However please notify us if any of the ladies due to wear a corsage has a pacemaker fitted as the magnets are extremely strong and come with a warning regarding pacemakers.

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Hair Flowers; –

Wearing blooms in your hair used to be flower girl territory, however now they’re increasingly popular with brides and older bridesmaids.

Hair flowers can help to enhance the theme or style you are going for, for your wedding, from a country boho styles head dress to a single contemporary orchid.

Head dress circlet; – To give a fabulous boho, vintage style to an informal styled wedding, always opt for a larger version for yourself and then have a narrower version or even a 1/2 circlet so the flowers are only at the front and then from the sides back is delicate ribbons to match the colours which then trail down the back slightly.


Single flower; – A single flower can be really effective and gives a lovely simple look to compliment most hair styles. A single orchid, rose or gerbera can be used to give a very simple, contemporary look. And then compliment it will a smaller version for your bridesmaids such as a single spray rose, a mini gerbera or small orchid.

These are individually wired so you can use kirby grips to attach them where needed

Individual Wired flowers; – We can provide a selection of individually wired flowers in small to medium size such as spray roses, small orchids etc to give the same look as your wedding style, you can use these to either place randomly or cluster together to suit every different hair style and look you want to achieve. They can be simple put into place and attached with a kirby grip if needed.

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