Bridesmaids Flower Ideas and Options

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The style of design to choose for your bridesmaids to carry can be a tricky decision, most people opt for a smaller version of the brides bouquet but below outlines the many options you can opt for depending on their age and the look you would like to achieve.

Adult/Teenage Bridesmaids; – 

A round tied posy of the wedding flowers and foliage’s to echo the brides bouquet is the most popular choice and looks fabulous in the photos afterwards as it gives a continuous and flowery look. The style and colour’s of the posy can then be altered depending on the dress colour’s and style of the overall wedding, be it a more natural informal look or a more neat and formal look.

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Another option for adult and teenage bridesmaids depending on the style of the wedding is an over the arm styled bouquet, this is traditionally carried in the crook of the arm and looks stunning with a few striking calla lilies and simple bold foliage’s.


Wrist corsages are another lovely option, something a little simpler and subtle.


Handbags are also a lovely option for adult/teenage bridesmaids, a lovely wire handbag filled with a selection of the wedding flowers can be really nice and something a little different.


And if you want something a little more unusual for them and something to be a talking point, fresh flower necklaces are a lovely option, perfect if they are having simpler dresses!


Younger Bridesmaids/Flower Girls; –

There are also a few options to choose from for younger bridesmaids/flower girls depending on their age.

For under 9 year old’s look really cute with a flowery ‘wand’ this is a hand made decorative wire/birch, star/heart/round shaped wand finished with a cluster of the weddings flowers at the top, these are especially handy for under 6 year old’s as it tends to make them feel even more like a princess for the day and seems to be something they are more likely to want to hold on to all day.


Head circlets are also really cute for flower girls accompanied by something to carry.


Alternatively a tiny posy version of the adult bridesmaids/bridal bouquet is really nice depending on their age as if its too large/heavy for them they may not be quite so keen to carry it.

Baskets are also another popular option for flower girls, these can be either filled with fresh rose petals for them to scatter followed by something else for them to carry one they have scattered the petals (rather than carrying an empty basket!) or filled with an arrangement of flower, again consider their age when deciding to fill it with an arrangement as this can be very heavy.

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