Bridal Bouquet Ideas and Inspiration


When else do you get to carry around stunning fresh flowers all day long? But where and how to you even begin to choose that perfect bouquet to carry on the most important day of your life?

Whether you have been dreaming about your wedding day most of your life and know exactly what you want to carry, or you have no idea when it comes to flowers or the different options available to you… fear not! We are here to help, we have put this blog together to explain the various design options and shapes you can choose from depending on how much of a statement you want to make!

The best time to start deciding on your bouquet is best once you have chosen your dress, if we know the style, colour and shape of your dress it will help us to recommend the best option for you to carry! After all you don’t want to disappear in your slender dress behind a huge bouquet!A&K-692

So you have your venue, dress and bridesmaids colours sorted… now to choose one of the most important parts of the day… Your bouquet! After all you’re going to carry it all day and have it featuring in the forefront of most of your wedding photos! So you will want to make sure you have explored all the options and made sure you have exactly what you want!

Once you start to look at options for your bouquet you will see the vast options that are available to you! Not only in colours and flowers but also in shape and style, so we have explained all the options below to help you to choose!

The Posy; –  This is the most used design that you will see in most magazines and books, it is easy to carry, looks fabulous in pictures and suits all dress shapes! So a good all round design, the overall look of it will alter depending on the style of your wedding, i.e a looser natural/country/rustic look can give you a more random and informal outline whereas a more compact luxurious look gives you a much neater look as you can see from the below pictures.

 A&K-107download (2)Picture1Christian%20and%20Nikki-397

The Shower; – This is another popular style and can look completely different in the various styles, and we can alter the length of the trail to suit your height and dress style. It also look fabulous in pictures with posies as bridesmaid options and ensured the bridal bouquet is extra special! However it’s very important to carry this one right, tucked in at hip height and tilted forwards slightly to create the tumbling look and avoid your bouquet trail pointing sideways!

10443176_10152181562837513_2019093617173782730_oIMG_0899shower 2shower

Wrist Corsage; –  This is a fabulous design to have for the evening, have someone either look after it for you during the day or have it taken to the reception before hand so you can slip it on when you don’t want to carry your bouquet around any-more, that way you still have gorgeous fresh flowers on you!


There are also many other options of design styles you can choose from…depending on how much of a statement you want to make, and how brave you are! Below are some pictures of designs from Parasols, Handbags and Necklaces which make fabulous  designs to have on your wedding day!