Competition! Win a Workshop!

Spring is here, our favourite time of the year, those first few flowers popping out to brighten the grey days. We’ve also moved to our new HQ at Higher Ford so…. we have a little competition to celebrate! Win an Eden Flower School workshop of your choice from the 2020 schedule. There are three ways to enter;

1)   ‘Eden’s Have A Go At Home’

make a design from flowers/foliage at home, big or small they all count! Take a photo and post on your own  facebook or instagram with the hashtag #edenshaveagoathome. The hashtag is essential so that we can find your entry.

2) Edens Post Your Piece 

Post a photo a design that you have made at one of our workshops/events/courses with the hashtag #edenspostyourpiece on your own social media page (Instagram or Facebook).

3) Edens Sharing is caring! 

Head over to our Facebook or Instagram page and find the #edenssharingiscaring original post and share to your own page for an extra flower free entry into the competition.

* We are happy for you to pass your prize onto someone else so for extra entries maybe ask friends and relatives to share on your behalf to increase your chances of winning!

You can enter as many times as you like. Each entry will be entered into a raffle to win an Eden Flower School Workshop of your choice up to the value of £50.00

If you don’t already,  we would love you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we will post tips and inspiration on how to join in this fab competition.

This competition will be running throughout until the end of Febrary 2020 with the winner announced at our Open Day.

We would also love for you to post on your own social media pages to help spread the word about our flower school and our new HQ,  but if you are not on social media, we would still like you to join in,  just send your photo and full name to and we will post for you.

You win a workshop of your choice, up to the value of £50.00 from any of our upcoming festive 2020 classes. Our workshops are held in our new studio at Higher Ford, Wiveliscombe.  This prize is non transferable.

*** Entries in by the end of February,

Winner announced beginning of March! ***

How To Make A Flowery Cocktail


1 cocktail/wine/tumbler glass

A Handful of water beads/glass pebbles/ crushed coloured glass/berries or similar

A small chunk of oasis similar in size to glass to wedge in

A handful of coloured sisal/few bold leaves/piece of fabric or felt

A couple straws

Wire/cocktail stick for fixing fruit


Fresh Material:

1 bold flower – gerbera/sunflower/rose/carnation or similar

Few small flowers – we have used kalanchloe but any small hardy bloom will do

Few sprigs of small hard leaves and some pretty foliage.

slice or half of citrus fruit or a few berries and cherries.

  1. Fill the bottom of the glass with the water beads to 1/3 – 1/2 way up the vase
  2. Shape oasis to fit, then float in a bowl of water until fully soaked
  3. Spread out the sisal and wrap around the outside of the oasis and squeeze into the top of the glass
  4. place one group of foliage on opposite sides of the glass (north – south) and another in the gaps (east-west) adding the pretty foliage in the centre.
  5. cut the focal flower to a few inches long and insert into the floral foam off to one side.
  6. add a cluster of the small flowers in-front and behind.
  7. insert the straws parallel to each other but at slightly different heights and heads bent at different angles.
  8. slice fruit and insert with ‘hair Pin’wires (see pic) or if using half a fruit or berries/cherries use a cocktail stick.
  9. sit back and admire…preferably whilst enjoying a proper cocktail… happy flower  arranging!

A Spring Wedding Throne -Chelsea Florist Of The Year 2018 Competition -Jane Cowling

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018 saw my first time at competing at the world famous event for the title of ‘Florist Of The Year’.

Regional heats throughout Great Britain are held to determine the top 16 finalists who get to compete at Chelsea to determine the prestigious title. Lisa, (previous Florist of the Year and multi medal winner) and myself (in absolute shock!) were lucky enough to be in this 16 after success with our floral stoles at the south west heat held in Bridgwater in February. After the shock of making it to the final, the brief appeared and the planning started! We had 8 weeks to design and construct a floral throne for a Spring Wedding and get it to the show – no mean feat!

The inspiration

The simplicity of the design for my qualifying floral stole (see blog page here) largely influenced my design. My theory was if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! The simple shape of a calla lily flower started the design ball rolling. A calla lily shaped throne was born… The mention in the brief of a Spring wedding decided the colour theme – yellow seemed obvious to me as I wanted to incorporate calla lilies in the design. Yellow calla lilies are relatively long lasting, easy to work with and will survive out of water. My challenge was always going to be to get enough clever ideas into my simpler design to score the points to medal.

The construction

I started with a carefully selected birch branch to make the back of the throne and attached it to a base of 3 logs (from my fireplace!) joined together. More branches were added and attached to a weaved edge of trailing willow stems, to give me the calla lily shape. I wanted it to stay relatively transparent and not too solid.  It then needed a seat. A very un-glamorous bucket was edged in a log roll of sycamore branches, then partially filled with oasis so I could make my seat of yellow roses. One of the main considerations was to stay in our allocated space of 1m x 1m x 2.5m high. If you go over this 20 marks are deducted.

My love of foraging came in at this point. The ferns in my garden were just starting to unfurl and the catkins were coming out on the birch – they were in! I chose the flowers to use for their simple, architectural shapes – lime green gloriosa lilies, yellow freesia, craspedia, eremurus and hosta leaves. The finishing touches were brought in with twine covered flower tubes, skeleton leaf filled willow leaves, little wooden hearts and an aspidistra leaf and skeleton leaf ‘frill’ to my seat pad.

The timing of starting to add the fresh flowers was vital. It has to last the 3 days it is at Chelsea. I started adding the fresh flowers 1 1/2  days before it had to be in the Floral Pavilion. Typically, the weather was hot and humid! The flower part was fairly stress free – the calla lilies were just tied on to the frame and the other flowers put in flower tubes or in oasis and before we knew it, we were ready to leave for London at 6pm on the Wednesday. Getting a 2m tall, very heavy, floral throne in the back of my van was a challenge but we managed it! 7 hours later, the complete designs were all in position, waiting for judging in the morning.  A quick scan of the other thrones in the competition made me think, oh well, what a fantastic opportunity to have made it this far but a winner she wasn’t!!

A fantastic experience it was – a bit gutted to not get a medal but enthused enough to have a go again next year and super proud of Lisa and her silver medal. 2 Finalists from Eden was quite an achievement.

You can see all the 16 finalists designs here. 


A Spring Wedding Throne – Chelsea Florist Of The Year Competition 2018 – Lisa Fowler

This years RHS Chelsea Flower Show saw Lisa’s fourth entry into the Chelsea Florist Of The Year Competition, winning her a fourth medal – a Silver!

This year the schedule was to design and create a floral wedding throne for a spring wedding –  a definite nod to the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan taking place just the week before.

Thinking caps were on and in typical Eden style I opted for a semi foraged design and a trawl on Ebay.

The Inspiration…

I was inspired by a Spring garden, where flowers grow from bulbs into tall spires of flowers despite the prolific snails (or is that just my garden?)  The surrounding Somerset landscape was also a massive factor with its rich green woods, cow parsley smothered hedgerows and bright yellow rapeseed fields all having an influence on colours and materials. I was also determined to make this design have a low impact on the environment with mostly natural and biodegradable materials used apart from a meter or two of cellophane and a bit of glue its all earth friendly, including the brand new biodegradable flower foam from Oasis.

Flowers used include; Eremurus, Antirhinium, Arums & Callas, Roses, Craspedia, Orchids, Carnations, Amaranthus, Stocks and Dandelions!

Foliages – Ferns, Ivy, Moss, Succulents, Oak, Birch

Some of these were used for their ‘Floriography Meaning – The Language of Flowers;

The Dandelion – Faithfulness & Happiness, The Carnation  – Divine Love, Ivy – wedded Love & Fidelity, Stocks – bonds of affection,  Arum – Ardour.

Where It Began…

The base of my chair is constructed from a £5.00 battered arm chair from a ram-shackled house clearance barn on the edge of Somerset and some branches from the surrounding hedgerows. The branches were manipulated into the shape of a church window, well mother natures version of one anyway, with THE most perfectly shaped birch branch as the back bone.

The seat base was upturned with the cushions removed and lined with cellophane  and covered in cork to create a huge water vessel that would become my based floral cushion, creating a mass of flowers without the need for blocks upon blocks of oasis- a definite bonus for the environment. The edge of the seat base is covered with a ‘fencing’effect of branches and senecio succulents cascading from snail shells.

The back of the chair is created with branches manipulated into the shape of a church window arch and filled with a perfectly shaped birch branch. Bark pieces create the link from gold chair to woodland arch along with moss vines which snake through the design onto the moss platform.

The arms of the chair are created with gold wire stands supporting bulbs and  seru pods which create a natural test tube for the fresh flowers. Nestled amongst the design there are 4 birds nest displaying miniature eggs filled with flowers and a pair of wedding rings.

There is also an army of snail shells filled with succulents and flowers.

A Scottish Wedding Stole by Jane Cowling.

Janes Scottish Stole for a winter wedding in a castle scored a fab 83% at the South West Heats earning her third place and a place in the final at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018 in May to compete for the prestigious award of Florist of the year!

She created a multitude of leaf shaped pieces which were painstakingly backed with a green/purple tartan fabric which was the inspiration for her colour scheme. These were joined together and edged with a haze of pink bullion wire embellished with dainty flower heads and foliage’s. The individual leaves were placed so that some of the reversed tartan backing peeped out among the cordyline leaves enhancing the use of this beautiful fabric. Thistles and heather were the focal flowers nestled among the pleats of Jane’s structure.

A Scottish Wedding Stole by Lisa Fowler

In February we entered a competition to create a  stole for a Winter wedding in a Scottish castle, This competition is the first process on the road to the RHS Chelsea Flower Shows ‘Florist of The Year’ Competition in  May. There are various heats held throughout the country and the 16 Florists who score the highest overall get invited to compete at Chelsea.

The image gallery below shows Lisa’s finished design which was inspired by the hazy shades of  Heather flowers.  A beautiful wet felted base made from lambs lock and merino wool was created and then embellished with Heather and toning seasonal flowers and accessorised with Game feathers, Tartan and Tweeds to enhance the Scottish theme.

There was over 20 competitors in the senior section of the south west heat held at Cannington College and Lisa’s design scored an amazing 90 points, gaining her a second place and subsequently a place in the final!

Below is the Stole before it was dressed with flowers, as you can see it was already beautiful and it was so difficult to glue and stitch on those first few flowers!

Funky Wedding Flowers

Anything goes for a funky wedding so think Bold and Striking. Tropical flowers such as orchids,anthuriums,  strelitzia, protea and craspedia are fun to use. As well as ‘fun’ flowers such as Gerbera, succulents and craspedia. Bright clashy or contrasting colours work fabulously together. Why not add some quirky finishing touches such as feathers, wire embellishments or even little action figures…. Go on dare to be different!

For more funky wedding flower inspiration check out our Pinterest Board!

Special Thanks To Our Photographer Friends!

We have been blessed that a lot of photographers have been very generous in sharing their images with us, which has enabled us to continue building our website and embellishing it with such lovely images.

So a big shout out and huge thanks to the following photographers;

Buttonholes, Corsages and Hair Flowers

Buttonholes and corsages are small in size, but should be given a lot of thought and attention, just like the bridal bouquets they are something that will feature in all of the wedding photographs as well as being in eye-line and therefore very noticed throughout the day.

Buttonholes; –

There are a few details to consider when deciding on the buttonholes, firstly who you are going to provide them to; One tip… don’t go thinking you have to provide them to most or all of your wedding guests… they wont be expecting it and you will end up spending a small fortune!

Provide them for anyone you are hiring/having matching suits for, so Groom, Best man, any Ushers, Dads and if you have anyone else who you really want to match in, maybe they have a special role on the day or are really special to you.

Its always a lovely idea to have a more special version for the Groom, this could be a different colour, the same as the others but maybe with the addition of another smaller flower or just simply a larger version to the others.

The buttonholes should all echo the bouquets and overall feel of the wedding, so if you are having a natural, country look then maybe a cluster style buttonhole with twine binding would suite better than a more formal rose buttonhole.

buttonhole euttohol eV&A-00030 edited

Corsages; –

Corsages are those pretty, elegant versions of the buttonholes that the ladies wear either on their dress, hand bag or wrist.

Firstly, the same with the buttonholes, don’t feel like you have to give them to all of the ladies or even all of the partners of the men you are providing buttonholes for.

Corsages are mainly designed for Mums and Grandma’s, Normally I would recommend opting for either very neutral ivory colours so that they don’t clash with the wedding colours and will still co-ordinate with any outfit colour chosen. alternatively go with the wedding colours… a really contrasting colour combination can be very effective! Once the ladies have chosen their outfits we can advise you on the best colours to choose.

We normally offer you a couple of price options for corsages, this allows you to choose how large you want the corsages to be, speak to the ladies wearing them and see how confident they are to have a larger size design. This will also depend on what they are wearing.

Corsages are normally attached using a magnet to avoid pins causing any damage to the outfit. However please notify us if any of the ladies due to wear a corsage has a pacemaker fitted as the magnets are extremely strong and come with a warning regarding pacemakers.

images (3)images (2)

Hair Flowers; –

Wearing blooms in your hair used to be flower girl territory, however now they’re increasingly popular with brides and older bridesmaids.

Hair flowers can help to enhance the theme or style you are going for, for your wedding, from a country boho styles head dress to a single contemporary orchid.

Head dress circlet; – To give a fabulous boho, vintage style to an informal styled wedding, always opt for a larger version for yourself and then have a narrower version or even a 1/2 circlet so the flowers are only at the front and then from the sides back is delicate ribbons to match the colours which then trail down the back slightly.


Single flower; – A single flower can be really effective and gives a lovely simple look to compliment most hair styles. A single orchid, rose or gerbera can be used to give a very simple, contemporary look. And then compliment it will a smaller version for your bridesmaids such as a single spray rose, a mini gerbera or small orchid.

These are individually wired so you can use kirby grips to attach them where needed

Individual Wired flowers; – We can provide a selection of individually wired flowers in small to medium size such as spray roses, small orchids etc to give the same look as your wedding style, you can use these to either place randomly or cluster together to suit every different hair style and look you want to achieve. They can be simple put into place and attached with a kirby grip if needed.

edited 1edited

Christmas flower arranging classes.

 Winter is almost upon us and the nights are drawing and we find ourselves thinking about Christmas. So to get you in the mood, here are this year’s fun festive flower arranging workshops being held in our Taunton studio in the heart of Somerset.
These workshops start with welcome drinks and festive nibbles whilst you sit back and watch Jane create and demonstrate the designs, talking through all the techniques with hints and tips along the way, (so you may want to bring a note book and camera.)
The second part of the workshop is over to you to create your version. Don’t worry the team are on hand with expertise and advice if you need it, but we guarantee you will create a design you are proud to display in your home afterwards.  So why not escape the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and indulge yourself in a fun, relaxed and inspiring workshop among flowery friends.
There may even be mulled wine and mince pies too!